Kadarka Wines

Eszterbauer Sógor Kadarka 2020, Szekszárd

This Kadarka is meant for every day with its primary aromas. Light, spicy and its acidity is in perfect harmony with all the other ingredients. The nose is intensely spicy, deep and complex. On the palate the same spiciness takes the lead accompanied by beautiful, fresh, crispy red berries. Easy drinking summer refreshment that reminds us sour cherry syrup.

Eszterbauer Nagyapám Kadarka 2018, Szekszárd

János Eszterbauer, owner of the winery is a master of Kadarka variety. „Nagyapám” (literally ’My grandfather’) is „The result of our clonal selection and the fruits of our old vineyards give the elegant and complex flavour. Intense Kadarka!”

Eszterbauer 109 éves Kadarka 2020, Szekszárd

János Eszterbauer researches story and life of his ancestors with great intensity – the result is visible on the wine labels. As for this recently bought vineyard on Palánki hill, he found that in the 19th century it belonged to Baron Antal Augusz, who happened to be a close friend of Ferenc Liszt (or Franz Liszt), the world famous composer and pianist. Schauber family inherited the vineyard, they planted Kadarka in 1912. The Eszterbauers bought the tiny vineyard from the heirs of the Schauber, partially because it is situated just above their estate building.
What was our great-grandfather’s Kadarka like? The Eszterbauers were looking for the answer, therefore they created this vineyard selection wine. Only 547 numbered bottles were made.

Hagymási Kadarka 2018, Eger

Lilac – ruby colour wine with intense rose and strawberry aromas complemented by the spices of Eger. A full bodied, concentrated, still an easy-to-drink wine with a well – balanced structure, graceful character and fruity (raspberry) aftertaste. It was enriched by a touch of fine, unobtrusive aroma of the oak aging not disturbing the bouquet of fruitiness.
An ideal companion with beef and lamb dishes, Hungarian fish soup, goulash soup, stews, meat dishes with paprika and pastas. Recommended drinking temperature: 17–18 0C.

Heimann & Sons Szekszárd Kadarka 2020, Szekszárd

The hand pick grapes come from Kadarka parcels in Iván valley, Porkoláb valley and Bödő vineyards. Careful manual shoot and bunch selection. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel and wooden fermenters, ageing for 8 months in stainless steel tanks. Estate bottled without fining and with coarse filtration.
Pale colour, closer to the colour of “siller”. The nose shows red currant and cherry, while the palate is light, but complex with fruity and spicy flavours. Less tannin and subtle, playful acidity. Easy to drink, especially when paired with the lighter, but full flavoured dishes of our recent gastronomic era. Enjoy between 2021–2025 slightly chilled, preferably out of Burgundy glasses.

Heimann & Sons Porkoláb-völgy Kadarka 2019, Szekszárd

Kadarka is our heritage, but that is not the main reason why we love it. Its grace, delicate tannins and distinctive spicy character make it an excellent match with modern cuisine. Kadarka is a capricious variety, so we have set out to identify and cultivate rare and forgotten clones to improve its consistency. In our experience great precision and low intervention in winemaking are the key to preserving its unique character.
Porkoláb-völgy is where our newly selected Kadarka clones are planted. The upper part of the valley is comprised of west facing slopes and a windy hilltop. We pick and ferment each of the 7 new clones separately and blend the best lots after harvest. Spontaneous fermentation in open plastic fermenters with 30% whole bunches, ageing for 8 months in unlined clay amphorae. Estate bottled without fining and with coarse filtration.
“This wine has a very pale delicate ruby colour, but there is great fruit intensity on the nose. Bursting with sweet red berry fruits, almost like sugar-coated cherry and cranberry with over-ripe raspberry. The fruit aromas are uplifted by a fresh floral character, while there is a silky texture with focused acidity carrying the flavours through to the finish.” (Tamlyn Currin, Decanter)

Koch Hajós-Bajai Kadarka 2019, Hajós-Baja

A light red wine rich in fruits and spices. Kadarka is a sensitive variety, it requires an experienced grapegrower. After manual harvest and selection fermentation and malolactic fermentation took place in stainless steel tank. Barrel ageing was relatively short: only 3–4 months in second use Hungarian barrique barrels.
The nose reveals spiciness, sour cherry and cherry. The palate is long, vivid and fruity complemented with a touch of barrel spices.
As for gastronomy, it is a most versatile wine, matches perfectly with dishes of Hungarian cuisine and meals seasoned with paprika, but it can be a great choice with dishes including tomato, like tomato soup or an Italian pizza.

Koch Frisch Kadarka 2018, Hajós-Baja

Kadarka grape has an important place in our heart, therefore it has a place in our Koch Frisch Selection wine family as well. Handpicked from our best Kadarka vineyard, and the fruit of the selected grape was bottled after 3-4 months barrel ageing. A light, fresh, velvety red wine matching perfectly with paprika dishes and other Hungarian plates. https://www.kochboraszat.hu/setlangen

Lajver Kadarka 2020, Szekszárd

Another member of our Szekszárd bottle sortiment and we are very proud of it. Manual bunch and berry selection, fermentation in stainless steel tanks along with malolactic fermentation. Ageing also took place in stainless steel tank for six months.
The nose boasts slightly tart red berry fruit notes with spices typical of the variety. Lightness and elegance. The palate is dominated by vibrant, long lasting and refreshing acidity. A memorable red wine full of live.

Németh János Kadarka 2019, Szekszárd

The vineyard was planted in 2010, harvest took place by hand and followed by manual bunch selection. It was fermented in an open vat and aged in stainless steel tank.
The colour and the nose is typical of the variety. Lovely acidity and intense fruitiness. An ideal wine for gastronomy – it matches perfectly with fish courses and paprika dishes. Light, elegant, fruity and lovely.

Sebestyén Kadarka 2019, Szekszárd

The most ancient variety of the Szekszárd region. Grapes are harvested partly from old vines (60-year-old) giving depth and flavours as well as from younger vines for freshment. Hand picked grapes were selected, fermented in open tank between 28-30 C, aged for 10 months 100% in stainless steel tanks.
It is very light, with gentle tannins. It begs to be drunk.

Tüske “Harmados” Kadarka 2020, Szekszárd

The nose opens with vanilla, followed by the spiceness of rosehips and the tartness of sloe. The vineyard is situated on the top of Szekszárd wine region, on the eastern slopes of Kerékhegy “cru”, altogether only one acre. The planting took place in 2010 with selected grafts from old plantations – it was important in the shaping of my picture of Kadarka variety. We harvested in the second half of September 2020. Autumn was warm. Fermentation took place partially in temperature controlled stainless steel tank and partially in open vat (temperature was controlled here as well). We bottled the wine after half a year of ageing in steel tank.
The word ‘Harmados’ (‘something like ‘Thirdy’) has a double meaning. First of all it refers to green harvest, but it has a historical meaning as well. At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century wealthy land owners used to let their vineyards for the poor, who cultivated the vineyards in return of one third of the crop. I recommend it with crispy roasted duck and sour cherry pie. During Kadarka Tour 2021 we offered it with sour cherry strudel and Kadarka-based icea cream. The wine is suggested to be chilled – more than other red wines.

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka 2015, Eger

“When you smell this medium-intense ruby red wine, the sour cherry is the most significant one, accompanied by the sweet smell of wooden barrels. In taste, the juicy, jam-like flavors of this fruit are back again. There is a bit of bitterness with sweet spices. This wine from the winery is a bit easier to interpret than the rest of their Kadarka’s so far.” (Description by Adél Ulcz wine and chocolate expert)

Tóth Ferenc Kadarka 2017, Eger

Grape was harvested at the beginning of October. Maceration had taken 14 days, then we pressed the mash. Wine was aged in 20 hl oak barrels for 11 months.
“Medium intense ruby colour, sour cherry in the nose followed by the sweetish, cake aromas of barrel aging. Fruit syrup and jam taste on the palate. In the finish a bit of tartness complemented by sweet spices. Compared to previous Kadarka wines of the winery, this one is easier to understand however easy to fall in love with it.” (Description by Adél Ulcz wine and chocolate expert)

Tóth Ferenc Kadarka Superior 2018, Eger

The first superior Kadarka wine of the winery. Excellent grapes were harvested from Tihamer Cru. Thanks to ideal yield control the result is a nice, concentrated wine brings all characteristic features of the variety. Fermentation in stainless steel tank, maceration for 15 days with pump over. After pressing 2 weeks settling then aging in 20 hl barrels for 9 months. Racking and fining in September, bottling in November. Total production: 5400 bottles
A wine with ruby colour with pomegranate edges. Versatile aromas. Primarily roasted walnut then raspberry syrup and strawberry jam on the nose. After a bit of patience herbal notes are coming complemented by resin, especially at dry test. Lively playful acids and nicely rounding tannins on the palate with ripe cherry. In the intense fruit aroma the pleasant spices are dominant. Oily viscosity, thick at tasting however texture does not overwrite the variety. A wine with more dimensions and great potential…

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka Siller 2020, Eger

The essence of the Siller technology is that unlike red wine technology, the harvested grapes are left on the mash for only a short time. We harvested it at the end of September. The mash was soaked for 4 days, then the color broth was removed and inoculated and fermented under reductive conditions. Fermentation We aged in a steel tank for a few months and then bottled in February. Kadarka plantation is 19 years old.
“Its color is very elegant, with a light shade of cherry red, with a slight orange tone on the edge. It has a spicy cherry in its aroma and a sweet, ripe strawberry, raspberry, almost syrupy taste. which is easy and quick to soak in. This playful siller is a real company wine with delicate acids, a hint of sweet, raspberry-strawberry and syrupy character. We also recommend it to those who are new to this type of wine.” (Description by Adél Ulcz wine and chocolate expert)

Hagymási Kadarka Rosé 2020, Eger

Rose – violet, violet – rose. Bouquet changes like this spiced with a touch of strawberry. This flowery nose returns back to taste as well. Fine acid-tannin structure, velvety texture appear. Not a robust but an engaging, graceful, easy-to-drink wine. We recommend to those who are keen on fragrant varieties. It is a good choice as aperitif. Matches well with desserts. Recommended drinking temperature: 16–18 0C.