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Where does Kadarka come from? What synonyms are known? Are there any Kadarka plantations outside Hungary? What about its past and what can we expect in the future? What meals does it pair well?

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Campaign: Decreasing Kadarka vineyards in Hungary

9 wineries joint forces to initiate the very first Kadarka campaign. While in 2008 there were nearly 600 hectares under Kadarka vines in Hungary, in 2021 there are only 273 hectares (according to the official statistics of the National Council of Winemakers, aka HNT).

Science: Kadarka grape variety in the book Wine Grapes

Kadarka and its characteristics – excerpt from the book Wine Grapes written by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, Jose Vouillamoz.

Blog: Heimann & Fiai: exciting Kadarka and Kékfrankos from Hungary

“I asked him how his interest in the indigenous varieties started. ‘There are two answers, he replid. ‘First, taste: I started appreciating Kadarka first. It is a lightly coloured big-bunch variety. The wines are never big or bombastic, it has always been a drinking wine.’ He cited deliciacy and charm as its hallmarks.” – Wineanorak about Heimann Kadarka and Kékfrankos wines from Szekszárd.

Blog: Kadarka – Hungary’s Answer to Pinot Noir?

“Vibrant and elegant or rustic and insipid? Little-known Kadarka, aka Gamza in Bulgaria, certainly divides opinions when tasted for the first time. Those who love it praise its crunchy, bright red fruit and refreshing acidity while those who are not impressed claim it’s like drinking sour squash. So, which is it?”

Gastronomy: Carp crisps with Kadarka

The wine regions near the Danube give significant amount of Kadarka wines, no wonder, carp (a typical fish of the Danube) and Kadarka have been partners for centuries here. Ágnes Heimann of Heimann Family Estate has a simple recipe, easy to make and it gives a wonderful “wine nibble”.

Science: Kadarka in Croatia

Did you know that the world-famous Hungarian composer and pianist Franz Liszt sent Pope Pio IX some Kadarka each year, to celebrate Saint Urban Day?

Blog: Kadarka – A Rare Hungarian Red for Burgundy Lovers

“Parallels are often drawn between Kadarka and Pinot Noir. In such, both produce light to medium bodied red wines with red fruit and spicy flavors. From a classic Kadarka, expect vibrant red fruit flavors like sour cherry, raspberry, and cranberry. In warmer vintages, the wines may lean more towards black fruit flavors. Kadarka typically offers smooth tannins, racy acidity, subtle spice notes, and occasionally florals, too.” – blog post by Nikki of Palm & Vine wine blog.